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Hong Kong Retail Chain Drops Ivory

  • 03/18/14
  • Hong Kong

Chinese Arts & Crafts (H.K.) Ltd. (CAC), Hong Kong’s largest ivory retailer, stopped selling elephant ivory according to a statement issued to Reuters today and verified by spot checks by WildAid. The chain, which operates four stores in Hong Kong, stated to the media that it now only sells mammoth ivory. WildAid consultants visited the stores and confirmed that all elephant ivory has been removed from shelves, is not mis-selling it as mammoth ivory, and is not for sale “under the counter.”

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Winner Announced in WILD to INSPIRE Short Film Competition

  • 03/17/14
  • Sun Valley, ID

Nat Geo WILD, the Sun Valley Film Festival and the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) announced today that the short film Wolf Mountain by Dan Duran, Sam Price-Waldman, and Brendan Nahmias won the first annual WILD to INSPIRE Short Film Competition. Director Duran receives an opportunity to study wildlife documentary filmmaking in AWF’s Maasai Steppe landscape in northern Tanzania with Emmy Award–winning cinematographer, Bob Poole.

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WILD to INSPIRE Short Film Competition Finalists Announced

  • 03/10/14
  • Washington, D.C.

Celebrating the power of film to inspire, Nat Geo WILD announced today, in partnership with the Sun Valley Film Festival and the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), that three finalists have been chosen for the first annual WILD to INSPIRE Short Film Competition. Finalists include Always Endangered by Jim Laybourn; Bee Happy by David Thompson and Jacob Taylor; and Wolf Mountain by Dan Duran, Sam Price-Waldman and Brendan Nahmias.

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Former NBA Star Yao Ming Brings Issue of Ivory Trade Before China’s National People’s Congress

  • 03/06/14
  • Beijing

Earlier this week, former NBA star Yao Ming delivered a petition to the Chinese government asking it to ban domestic trade in ivory. The petition was delivered during the opening session of China’s annual National People’s Congress in Beijing and signed by a number of leading business figures.

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Stars Urge Vietnamese to “Stop Using Rhino Horn”

  • 03/03/14
  • Hanoi, Vietnam

Earlier today local Ambassadors, including Musicians Quoc Trung, Do Bao, Producer-MC Anh Tuan, Actresses Hong Anh and Minh Trang, MC Phan Anh, Miss Vietnam Thu Thuy, and Singers Duc Tuan and Le Cat Trong Ly, were at the Sheraton Hanoi Hotel at the “Stop Using Rhino Horn” campaign launch to raise awareness of the rhino horn crisis and urge people to stop consuming this product because “when the buying stops, the killing can too”.

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