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Kenya Government Reported to Enter Serengeti Debate

  • 09/09/10

News sources are reporting that the Government of Kenya has joined the growing number of parties urging the Tanzanian government to stop plans to build a highway through the Serengeti National Park.

The road would cut directly through the Serengeti wilderness, bisecting the wildebeest migration -- one of the natural travel wonders of the world.

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AWF Reinforces Position on Serengeti Highway: Road Alignment Must Fall Beyond Boundaries of the Park

  • 08/16/10

No Mere Refinement of the Current Road Design Could Possibly Mitigate What Is a Fundamentally Flawed Idea

Nearly a month after issuing a Position Statement opposing the construction of a highway through Serengeti National Park, AWF has been joined by a growing number of local and international organizations expressing concern over the environmental impacts of the proposed road.

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Rothschild's Giraffe Joins List of Species Threatened by Extinction

  • 08/13/10

The Rothschild's giraffe is the latest charismatic African mammal to be declared "Endangered" by IUCN (the International Union for the Conservation of Nature), adding to the growing number of species under threat of extinction. A recent analysis by Fennessy and Brenneman 2010 indicates that the Rothschild's populations are in peril and the IUCN Red List supports this (

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Put a Stamp On It!

  • 08/12/10

Legislation Establishing Fund Expected to Be Signed into Law This September

WASHINGTON, DC--AWF proudly thanks its friends and supporters for their efforts in urging Congress to pass the Multinational Species Conservation Funds Semipostal Stamp Act, HR 1454. This new legislation will ensure elephants, rhinos, tigers, great apes, and marine turtles get the support they need.

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Manyara Ranch Conservancy Offers New Private Safari Option in Northern Tanzania

  • 07/22/10

New Tourism Initiative Successfully Combines Conservation and Luxury Travel

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