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Human Virus Blamed for Mountain Gorilla Deaths

  • 04/04/11
  • Virunga

A virus that causes respiratory disease in humans has been linked to the deaths of wild mountain gorillas

VIRUNGA HEARTLAND, Rwanda, April 4, 2011 --In a study published this week in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, a publication of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, researchers confirm that the deaths of two mountain gorillas in 2009 in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda, were caused by human metapneumovirus.

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African Wildlife Foundation Response to GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons Elephant Hunting Video

  • 04/01/11

WASHINGTON -- African Wildlife Foundation has learned of the controversial video released by Bob Parsons, CEO of GoDaddy, in which he is shown hunting what he describes as problem elephants. While Parsons has gone on record regarding his motives, African Wildlife Foundation believes this is an unfortunate and distasteful portrayal of the real dilemmas that face both the impoverished farmers depicted and elephant populations increasingly impacted by ever shrinking habitat.

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Congolese Government Suspends Oil Exploration in Virunga National Park

  • 03/17/11

Government Issues Open Letter to AWF and Four Other Major Conservation Organizations

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo--Today in Kinshasa, the Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Tourism, Mr Jos E.B. Endundo, announced the issue of an open letter to the worldwide conservation community clarifying the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo's position on the published intentions of a British oil company, SOCO International, to undertake oil exploration activities in Virunga National Park, a designated World Heritage Site.

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Worldwide Opposition to Serengeti Road Has Yet to Sway Tanzanian Government

  • 03/15/11

Call to Save the Serengeti May Still Be Heard, But Time Is Running Out

What began with science-based opposition by AWF and other conservation groups has grown into a grassroots movement playing out across social media outlets and echoed by global influencers such as the World Bank, UNESCO, and most recently, the Government of Germany.

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AWF Mourns the Passing of Longtime Friend and Partner, Jean Pierre von der Becke

  • 03/02/11

VIRUNGA HEARTLAND March 2, 2011 -- The African Wildlife Foundation sadly mourns the passing of another longtime AWF friend and partner, Jean Pierre von der Becke. A Belgian conservationist, von der Becke was the first Director of the AWF-headed Mountain Gorilla Project, an outgrowth of Dian Fossey's groundbreaking mountain gorilla research and the predecessor of the International Gorilla Conservation Programme (IGCP).

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