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  • 11/16/09

Samburu Heartland, Kenya--African Wildlife Foundation and Starbucks Coffee Company are still hearing buzz about the Coffee-Quality Laboratory the two organizations opened earlier this month outside Nyeri, Kenya, in partnership with Kimathi University. Many coffee drinkers say they didn't know most coffee farmers never drink or even taste the coffee they grow. With the opening of the Coffee-Quality Laboratory, hundreds of Kenyan farmers will now be able to do just that.

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African Wildlife Foundation Selects 2009-10 Class of Charlotte Fellows

  • 11/13/09

Nairobi, Kenya--African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) has selected its 2009-10 class of Charlotte Conservation Fellows, six emerging scholars who all come from and work in West Africa.

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U.S. Ban on Pesticide Implicated in Lion Poisonings Moves Forward

  • 11/12/09

Nairobi, Kenya--The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) took another step to eliminate use of the pesticide carbofuran in the United States.

Although issued by a U.S. agency, the ruling is being followed closely in Kenya, where lions poisoned by livestock owners after their cattle fell prey to lion attacks have been widely attributed to carbofuran, called Furadan in Africa.

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Wildly Sweet Giving: African Wildlife Foundation and Endangered Species Chocolate Launch Co-branded Adoption Collections

  • 11/09/09

Washington, DC -- African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) and Endangered Species Chocolate have partnered to sell new Adoption Collections beginning in October 2009.

All proceeds from the AWF adoption program go to support AWF's work in the African Heartlands--large program landscapes identified as being essential to conservation because of their unmatched concentrations of wildlife and their potential to sustain viable populations for centuries to come.

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African Wildlife Foundation and Starbucks Coffee Company Inaugurate Coffee-Quality Laboratory in Traditional Coffee-Growing Region of Kenya

  • 11/04/09



NAIROBI, KENYA -- The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) and Starbucks Coffee Company (NASDAQ: SBUX) today inaugurated a Coffee-Quality Laboratory on the campus of Kimathi University College of Technology (KUCT), located near Nyeri in the Central Highlands of Kenya. The lab provides local coffee farmers the opportunity to sample and taste the coffee they have grown, and learn more about what is involved in growing quality coffee for the global marketplace.

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