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African Wildlife Foundation and Starbucks Coffee Company Inaugurate Coffee-Quality Laboratory in Traditional Coffee-Growing Region of Kenya

  • 11/04/09



NAIROBI, KENYA -- The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) and Starbucks Coffee Company (NASDAQ: SBUX) today inaugurated a Coffee-Quality Laboratory on the campus of Kimathi University College of Technology (KUCT), located near Nyeri in the Central Highlands of Kenya. The lab provides local coffee farmers the opportunity to sample and taste the coffee they have grown, and learn more about what is involved in growing quality coffee for the global marketplace.

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Extinction Crisis Continues -- An IUCN Update

  • 11/03/09

The latest update of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species shows that 17,291 species out of the 47,677 assessed species are threatened with extinction.

The results reveal 21 percent of all known mammals, 30 percent of all known amphibians, 12 percent of all known birds, and 28 percent of reptiles, 37 percent of freshwater fishes, 70 percent of plants, 35 percent of invertebrates assessed so far are under threat.

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SI Swimsuit Cover Model Veronica Varekova Teams Up with African Wildlife Foundation to Help Conservation of Land and Wildlife

  • 10/15/09


International Model Named Goodwill Ambassador for Wildlife Foundation

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Congo Basin Heads of State and Conservation Groups Celebrate 10 Years of Success in Saving World's Second Largest Rainforest

  • 09/29/09

Ongoing Threats include Bushmeat Hunting, Illegal Logging and Climate Change

Washington, D.C.--Leaders of the Congo Basin countries and conservation groups are pressing for more attention, funds and technical support to save the world's second largest rainforest and benefit its population during a Congo Basin Forest Forum and Congressional Hearing today.

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On the AWF Shelf: New Volume Collects Essays on Conservation as a Path to Improved Human Well-Being

  • 09/17/09

LONDON, UK--Most experts wholeheartedly embrace the idea that nature must be protected in order to advance human well-being; but, the debate on how development goals and biodiversity conservation should be linked in practice is far from settled. So reveals a volume published by leading UK publisher Earthscan and co-edited by AWF expert Joanna Elliott.

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