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New Training Program Improves Regional Capacity to Combat Wildlife Trafficking

  • 05/18/15
  • Kampala, Uganda

A training workshop to increase the expertise of law enforcement officers to tackle wildlife trafficking began today in Kampala, Uganda.

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African-led Strategy to Combat Illegal Wildlife Trade

  • 04/30/15
  • Brazzaville, Congo

Today, April 30, concludes the four-day International Conference on Illegal Trade in Wild Fauna and Flora in Africa in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo.

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AWF Calls on Japan to Ban Ivory Trade

  • 04/29/15
  • Nairobi, Kenya

African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) and a number of other wildlife groups have signed onto a Statement of Concern addressed to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe urging Japan to ban all domestic trade in ivory.

The East Asian country, along with countries such as China and Thailand, has a thriving domestic ivory market but remains a key destination for illicit ivory taken from poached savanna and forest elephants in Africa. 

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African Roadmap to Combat Illegal Wildlife Trade

  • 04/27/15
  • Brazzaville, Congo

Today begins a four-day conference in Congo-Brazzaville wherein attending parties aim to develop roadmap for combating wildlife crime across Africa.

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AWF Leads Trek Across Reserve in Cameroon

  • 04/21/15
  • Yaoundé, Cameroon

On April 25, conservationists from Central and West Africa will embark on a week-long trek through Cameroon’s Dja Faunal Reserve to determine levels of biodiversity and human activity in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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