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State of Play: U.S. Ivory Trade Legislation

Elephant bulls at Manyara Ranch in Tanzania

As many as 35,000 African elephants are killed by poachers every year. In the last five years, the elephant population in Tanzania—historically one of the great elephant range states—has declined by more than 60 percent. To the south, nearly half of Mozambique’s elephants have disappeared, again as a result of poaching. And in Central Africa, 65 percent of forest elephants have been killed in the span of a decade.

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Dynamic Duo: Genet Hitches a Rhino Ride


A video has surfaced showing a genet hitchhiking on a critically endangered black rhino. Although typically solitary creatures, this genet, nicknamed Genet Jackson—after the popular singer—appears to enjoy traveling on the backs of larger wildlife.

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ESC: The Sweet Taste of Conservation

Endangered Species Chocolate

African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) has long believed that the private sector has a pivotal role to play in protecting Africa’s wildlife and wild lands, as well as improving the lives of its people.

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Defying Stereotypes about Women in Conservation

Defying Stereotypes

You might know that Iyondji Community Bonobo Reserve had 24 new eco-guards trained last October as part of AWF’s support to the reserve’s management structure. However, you probably know less about Pacha Lotango, the young female eco-guard who graduated top of that class.

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Protecting the Protectors of Africa’s World Heritage

Protecting the Protectors of Africa’s World Heritage

AWF’s Andrea Athanas is currently attending the 39th Session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee Meeting in Bonn, Germany.

Everyone in the chamber stood and the room fell silent—you could have heard a pin drop. 

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