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We Are Equine Family!

  • 07/17/09
  • Erin

“One of my favorite animals in the world is the horse. I love horses! Since you started this blog, I wanted to ask the question I have always wanted to ask: are there any horses native to Africa?”

-Jen, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Well, yes and no. There are horses that are native to Africa but they did not originate in Africa.

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Launching the Kinigi Cultural Center

  • 07/13/09
  • IGCP
Wellard here again.  In my last post I wrote about my first visit back to the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in my capacity as Enterprise Officer for the IGCP Congo Program after the long civil conflict there. Today I want to share with you a more celebratory and team-oriented reflection from our Rwanda Program: “You did it!” we all screamed towards her, “no, WE did it.., IGCP did it” was the response from Salvatrice, IGCP’s Rwanda Program Enterprise Officer.

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Member...with benefits!

  • 07/02/09
  • Erin
"Hi, Erin! I recently donated to AWF and would like to know if there any benefits that come with my donation." --Chris, Albuquerque, NM, U.S.A. First, thank you Chris for your generous support of AWF. You are officially now an AWF member! Everyone who donates $15 or more automatically becomes a member. Your membership will last for 12 months and is chock full of great benefits.

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Whisker Patterns, Lion Mating, and the Missing Cubs

  • 07/02/09
  • Anonymous
I’m pleased to note that the Tarangire Lion project has some additional help this summer--Rae Wynn-Grant, a master’s candidate at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

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Meet Nnzumbeni Tshikalange

  • 06/26/09
  • Nakedi
I would like to introduce you to Nnzumbeni Tshikalange who is running the Limpopo Leopard Project for the next few months. Nnzumbeni hails from the Limpopo Province near Thohoyandou, the capital city of the former Venda.

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