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Sweetening the Deal

  • 10/27/09
  • Erin
“I received some literature from AWF regarding an option in AWF’s wildlife adoption program where I can adopt an animal and receive chocolate. Would you mind telling me a little bit more about that? Thanks!” -Tyra, Lincoln, NE, U.S.A. As many of you know, it is AWF’s mission to work hand-in-hand with the people of Africa to ensure the wildlife and wild lands will endure forever.

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The Elvis of Cheetahs

  • 10/23/09
  • Erin

“I was recently doing research on cheetahs for school and my mother told me there is a breed of cheetah that actually has stripes. Please tell my mother that there is only one type of cheetah- the one with spots.”

--Lucas, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Life changing experience at the University of Oxford

  • 10/14/09
  • Nakedi

From arriving here five months ago, being introduced to all the wonderful people at WildCRU (great bunch of dedicated people) getting stung by nettles (in a touch rugby match), catching chicken pox (which was thought to be swine flu), and going on with the studies, studying at the University of Oxford has been a great experience. I find this place fascinating and rich of history. The landscapes and meadows look like they were painted by one talented landscape artist. I was shocked to learn that a 200 year old building is considered young around here.

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Studying Conservation

  • 10/13/09
  • Erin
“I am a university student from Zambia trying to obtain my Ph.D. in animal ecology.  Is there any grant or scholarship you offer that can help me with payment for school?” -Jeremiah, Karasburg, Zambia, Southern Africa Yes! AWF is committed to improving the capacity of Africans for conservation management in Africa. For African nationals seeking their Masters or Ph.D.

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A Window to the Heart

  • 09/11/09
  • Erin

A friend and I were recently watching a program about baboons and she mentioned that she heard of a baboon that has a heart on the outside of its body. Is there really a baboon in Africa with a heart on the outside of its body,  or was my friend pulling my leg?

--Anne, Harrisburg, PA, U.S.A.

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