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Spring 2019

  • What's in a Name
  • On the Case for African Wildlife: Women Rangers
  • Get the Picture: Q&A with Nature Photographer Billy Dodson
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Fall 2018

  • Safeguarding the Rare Ethiopian Wolf
  • Gaining Momentum in the Ivory Fight
  • Lulu the Rhinoceros
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Summer 2018

  • Protecting “the forgotten ape”
  • Meet African wildlife’s advocate on Capitol Hill
  • Expanding a park for gorillas
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AWN Newsletter

Winter 2017

  • Making a Real Difference
  • A New Logo and a Renewed Commitment
  • An Asset Worth Protecting
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Fall 2016

  • Making elephants matter
  • How maps save wildlife
  • Notes from Bili-Uele
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Fall 2016 Supplement

Spring 2016 African Wildlife News Special Supplement

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African Wildlife News

Summer 2016

  • Addressing the Extremes
  • Security for Kenya’s Rhinos
  • Diverse Cameroon
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2016 Spring

  • Dogs in the Groove
  • Winning Photos from Africa
  • Leave a Legacy of Wildlife
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2016 Spring Supplement

Spring 2016 African Wildlife News Special Supplement

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2016 Winter

  • The Other Issues
  • Good News for Lions
  • Sensitizing Judges to Trafficking
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2015 Fall Member Newsletter

2015 Fall

  • Booted Up in Ethiopia
  • Back to School
  • Cecil's Legacy
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Summer 2015 African Wildlife News

2015 Summer

  • A Watershed Event
  • Secretary Kerry Visit
  • A Poaching Deterrent
  • On the Right Path in Asia

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Spring 2015 African Wildlife News

2015 Spring

  • Seeing Success in Africa
  • Progress in Asia on Ivory Trade
  • More Than a Pretty Picture
  • From Conflict to Conservation
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2015 Winter African Wildlife News

2015 Winter

  • Kings of Africa No More?
  • A Diversity of Work for a Diverse Continent
  • The Great Ape Heist
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2014 Fall Supplement

Fall 2014 African Wildlife News Special Supplement

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2014 Fall

  • Unnatural Selection
  • Are We Doing Enough 
  • The Human Cost of Protecting Wildlife
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African Wildlife News Summer 2014

2014 Summer

  • Closing the Technology Gap
  • Census as Strategy
  • Beyond Bonobos
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2014 Spring Supplement

  • The Beauty, Wonder, and Wilderness of Africa
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2014 Spring

  • Hidden in Plain Sight
  • Ensuring a Legacy for Elephants
  • Ivory from Bush to Market
  • Love Everlasting
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African Wildlife News Winter 2014

2014 Winter

  • The Sum of its Parts
  • Adapting to Change, Holistically
  • Asia Takes Action
  • Advising South Sudan
  • Kazungula Magnified
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2013 Fall Supplement

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2013 Summer

  • New School of Thought
  • The Impact of Schools
  • Household Fish Farms
  • Forest Elephant on the Edge of Extinction
  • On a Common Path
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2013 Spring

  • A Grave and Growing Threat
  • Embracing Challenges, Creating Opportunities
  • Thanks from AWF (and Betty White)
  • Warrior Athletes Turn to Conservation
  • Africa’s Apes in Decline
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2013 African Wildlife News

2013 Winter

  • The Killing Fields
  • An Elephantine Intervention
  • Where East Meets West
  • Carnivores in the Backyard
  • Welcome, Class of Conservationists 
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Fall 2012

2012 Fall Supplement

  • Rhinos in Peril
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2012 Fall

  • Great Ape Receives Gift from Government
  • Conservation Demands Dedication
  • Mountain Gorillas Threatened by Conflict
  • The Majesty of Africa in Pictures
  • Making an Impact, One Cook Stove at a Time
  • Wildlife Watch
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African Wildlife News by African WIldlife Foundation, Summer 2012 Edition

2012 Summer

  • Not Just a Lab, but a Future
  • Investments in the Future
  • A Bird’s-Eye View
  • Ethiopia’s Eden
  • Carnage in Cameroon
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Spring 2012

2012 Spring

  • Wildlife Habitat Secured Next to Nairobi National Park
  • Rhino Poaching Spikes
  • AWF Recognizes Legacy Gifts
  • Southern Africa Up Close
  • Wildlife Watch
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winter 2012

2012 Winter

  • Laikipia National Park
  • Mountain Gorilla Census
  • Kenya Heartland Coffee Project
  • Inyambo Fish Farm
  • Wildlife Watch
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2011 Fall

  • 50th Anniversary Celebration at Brookfield Zoo
  • Newly Opened Ngoma Safari Lodge
  • AWF Supports Ivory Burning
  • Lions Project Enlists Samburu Morans
  • Wildlife Watch
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2011 Summer

  • With AWF Support, New School Opens
  • Mau Forest Restoration
  • Poaching Kills Gorilla in Uganda
  • Women's Projects
  • Wildlife Watch
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2011 Spring

  • Saving the Rhino
  • Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words
  • New Gorilla Babies in the Virungas
  • The Indianapolis Zoo Supports Africa's Lions
  • Wildlife Watch
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2011 Winter

  • Two Thumbs Up! Disneynature and AWF Celebrate Release of "African Cats"
  • Mountain Gorillas—The Numbers Are In
  • Member Spotlight: Candace Ritz
  • Lunching with AWF's "Founding Fathers"
  • Wildlife Watch
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2010 Fall

  • A Few Words From AWF's CEO & President
  • AWF Snapshots
  • Manyara Ranch: Then & Now
  • Crystal Clear
  • Wildlife Watch
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2010 Summer

  • Elephant Watch
  • Machache - A Few Words From AWF's CEO
  • Counting Critters
  • Enterprising Effects
  • Your Support at Work: Spotlight on Sekute Chiefdom
  • Wildlife Watch
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2010 Spring

  • Where Are We Now? Conservation Spotlight
  • Machache - A Few Words: Letter from AWF's CEO
  • Disney Friends for Change
  • Getting to Know you
  • Partnering to Save Giraffes
  • A Model Ambassador
  • A Shared Legacy
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2010 Winter

  • A Giant's Comeback
  • Big News: Letter from AWF's CEO
  • AWF Announces Charlotte Fellows
  • AWF Launches First Heartland in West Africa
  • All the Buzz: New Coffee-Quality Laboratory Opens in Kenya
  • The Tiffany & Co. Foundation Gives Back
  • Wildlife Watch: Pygmy Hippos
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