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Gray countries with texture denote areas of past engagement.


Where We Work

There's as much hope as
there is natural beauty

Just as the land across Africa is vast and varied, so are the ecological and economic challenges. While some nations contend with political tensions, others must ease the struggle for resources between people and wildlife. Despite these issues, Africa is a continent of great potential. Opportunities abound for improving the lives of Africans and wildlife. At the African Wildlife Foundation, we’re working throughout the continent to do just that and help Africans chart a course toward a sustainable future. For we recognize that while every country, community, and region in Africa has different needs, they all want the same thing: an Africa that’s thriving for all.

Gray countries with texture denote areas of past engagement.

We're protecting Africa's critical landscapes

When the needs of humans and wildlife seem most at odds, African Wildlife Foundation brings its many resources to bear. We’re far more than environmentalists. We’re lawyers, scientists, policymakers, and more working on the ground to help address the issues that put habitat at risk—from land-use laws and agricultural growth to settlement patterns and political instability. Explore some of the areas we’re working in now.

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