Where We Work:

Democratic Republic of the Congo

The DRC is one of the most important countries globally for conservation. Here, we partner with the Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature and the European Union to support communities in improving their livelihoods while curbing threats like poaching, bushmeat hunting, and habitat fragmentation. We are the longest-running "boots on the ground" conservation organization in two critical landscapes, working closely with the government to lay a solid conservation foundation.

We improve community well-being through sustainable livelihood strategies that slow forest degradation and fragmentation. Our activities include:

  • Promoting sustainable livelihoods through skills-building and entrepreneurship workshops
  • Training in sustainable agriculture and fishing practices
  • Supporting anti-poaching law enforcement by strengthening capacity and providing resources, as well as promoting cross-border collaboration
  • Developing eco-monitoring systems through training and tools for tracking and spatial analysis
  • Infrastructure development in protected areas (operational bases, radio stations, roads, an airport runway, and more)
Democratic Republic of the Congo Bili-Uele Maringa-Lopori-Wamba
Priority Landscapes

We work with the people of Democratic Republic of Congo for wildlife. Our strategic, implementing, and funding partners include:

Village Enterprise


Parc Agroindustriel de Dingila

Wildlife We Are Protecting

By the Numbers

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41,000 Number of hectares protected and/or with improved conservation status due to AWF interventions beginning in 2016


13,979 Number of people benefiting from AWF's conservation efforts


3 of 3 Wildlife populations supported by AWF that are stable/increasing

Antoine Tabu


Antoine Tabu

Country Coordinator-DRC/Deputy Chief of Party