Our Integrated Approach


Strengthening Wildlife Management

We partner with African governments to strengthen policy and craft national species action and recovery plans, and work on the ground to train and support wildlife authorities and community scouts to secure essential habitat, protect wildlife from illegal killing, mitigate human-wildlife conflict, and enhance coexistence with wildlife overall.

Counter Wildlife Trafficking

The illegal wildlife trade, valued at US $7-23 billion annually, poses one of the most urgent threats to African wildlife. Working in synergy with conservation action on the ground, we have robust programs to build the capacity of law enforcers in Africa to detect, deter, investigate, and prosecute wildlife crime.

Applying Conservation Science

We provide critical resources and field-based training in the use of data-driven analytics and geospatial technology to monitor wildlife populations and the threats facing them, leveraging that data to build conservation strategies grounded in the latest ecological and biological research.

Our Focal Species

We measure overall success in species conservation through monitoring key wildlife species that are indicators of overall ecosystem health. Our focal species fall into five major categories: Elephants, large carnivores, great apes, giraffes, and rhinos.