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The Faro landscape in Cameroon includes Faro National Park. The landscape is home to diverse wildlife, including elephants and the largest hippo population in Central and West Africa. Maintaining its rich biodiversity requires a holistic response to challenges including commercial poaching, transhumance (seasonal cross-border livestock herding), illegal fishing, and climate change impacts.

AWF supports the government in managing Faro National Park while ensuring that conservation supports the needs of local communities and Indigenous people. With European Union support, we are delivering an integrated program that incorporates:

  • Microenterprise development
  • Participatory land-use planning
  • Capacity-building in protected-area management
  • Training in counter-wildlife-trafficking
  • Mediation of community conflicts related to transhumance
Faro Benoue Gashaka-Gumti
National Park

We work with the people of Cameroon for wildlife. Our strategic, implementing and funding partners include:

Communities in the Faro landscape

Wildlife We Are Protecting

By the Numbers

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8,000 Indigenous tree seedlings distributed to the community


360 Community members engaged in land-use planning

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10 Specially trained TANGO teams deployed to arbitrate land use and transhumance issues and raise conservation awareness and support

Norbert Sonne


Norbert Sonne

Country Director, Cameroon