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The Zambezi River and its tributaries form the lifeline of this remarkably biodiverse transboundary landscape, which stretches across Zimbabwe into Zambia and Mozambique. Key threats include human-wildlife conflict, climate change, agricultural expansion, human settlement expansion, infrastructure development, poaching, and artisanal mining.

We’re working with local communities to safeguard this landscape’s natural resources and unlock their value for people and wildlife. To that end, we employ a holistic approach with conservation and development interventions, including:

  • Investing in park infrastructure and building wildlife law enforcement capacity
  • Kickstarting community enterprises and agriculture improvements to create wildlife-friendly livelihoods
  • Collaborating with communities on sustainable, participatory conservation solutions
  • Helping rangers and community members prevent and respond to human-wildlife conflict
Mid-Zambezi Charara Chewore Chiawa Doma Hurungwe
Other State Protected Area

We work with the people of Zimbabwe for wildlife. Our strategic, implementing and funding partners include:

Communities in the Middle Zambezi Valley landscape

Wildlife We Are Protecting

By the Numbers

These results come from EU-funded activities from 2018-2021, with percentages representing achievements against set targets.

97% Success enhancing capacity of scouts in Zimbabwe

100% Human-wildlife conflict mitigation success in Zimbabwe

25-50+% Estimated drop in human-wildlife conflict in areas with chili technology

Olivia Mufute


Olivia Mufute

‪Country Director