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This remote landscape includes the Dja Faunal Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and biosphere reserve that spans over 526,000 hectares in southeastern Cameroon. The terrain is part of the Congo Basin rainforest, which is the world’s largest carbon sink and the last intact tropical rainforest.

With the support of the European Union, we and our partners are integrating conservation and community well-being through:

  • Anti-poaching support
  • Development of sustainable livelihoods (green cocoa production, valuation of non-timber forest products, fish farming)
  • Facilitation of ecological surveys and monitoring to inform park management and land-use planning

These activities work synergistically to advance conservation goals. Results have been promising. In 2022, hunting rates in the Reserve dropped by more than half.

Dja Dja Wildlife Reserve Kom Mengame Ngoyla
National Park
Other State Protected Area

We work with the people of Cameroon for wildlife. Our strategic, implementing and funding partners include:

Communities in the Dja landscape

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Norbert Sonne


Norbert Sonne

Country Director, Cameroon