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Status of Land Use Planning, Land Tenure and Biodiversity Conservation: A Focus of Udzungwa-Magombera-Selous Landscape and Mngeta Corridor in Kilombero District

Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group survey documenting land tenure status, socio-economic and biodiversity profiles in two Southern Tanzania landscapes. 2017.

2016, Issue 2
  • Protecting Uganda’s biodiversity
  • The challenges of Bili Uele
  • Conservancy best practices
45841, 45842
2016, Issue 1
  • In Central Africa, Predictive Modelling for Additional Intelligence
  • Investing in Zambezi Valley
  • AWF Appoints New President
  • Detection Dogs Increase Security
34077, 34078
2015, Issue 3
  • Hope Ahead in Fight Against Wildlife Trafficking?
  • 2 Approaches to Working with Pastoralists
  • AWF Urges Tanzanians to Protect Their Wildlife
  • Surveys in Asia Show Support for Ivory Ban
30043, 30211
2015, Issue 2
  • AWF Kickstarts Efforts in Remote Bili-Uele Protected Area Complex
  • Building Nature Tourism in Ethiopia
  • Technology, Training Improve Anti-Poaching and Ecological Monitoring in Central Africa
  • Continentwide Detection Dog Programme Launched
2015, Issue 1
  • A Clear Need for Urgent Action
  • In the Fight Against Bushmeat Trade
  • Ecological Survey in Tanzania Sets Stage for Climate Change Validation
  • Species Protection Across the Continent
2014, Issue 2
  • New Tools for Protecting Land, Wildlife, and Livelihoods
  • Collaboration is Critical
  • Household-Level Fish Ponds Offer Livelihood Alternatives
  • Graduating with Distinction in Zambia, With AWF Support
2014, Issue 1
  • A Cohesive Strategy to Conserve the Congo Basin
  • Life and Conservation, Interconnected
  • In Ethiopia, Maximising Tourism to Minimise Threats
  • A Record of Results with African Wildlife Capital
  • Project to Improve Food Security, Conservation in Southern Tanzania
  • REDD+ Project Kicks Off
  • Momentum Gathering with AWF Conservation Schools
  • In Tanzania, Formalising Community Natural Resource Management
  • AWF Finds Ways for Humans, Giraffes to Coexist in Niger
  • AWF to Expand Antipoaching Work into Northern Cameroon
11830, 12066
2013, Issue 3
  • AWF Calls for Destruction of Ivory Stockpiles, Moratoria on Domestic Trade
  • The Heart of the Story
  • AWF, Community Work Together to Protect Elephant Habitat
  • The Use of REDD+ in Achieving Conservation Goals
  • New Lodge in Zambia to Benefit People, Wildlife
7846, 7847
2013, Issue 2
  • In African and Asia, Campaigns to Combat Wildlife Trafficking
  • What We Hear and What We Are Doing
  • New Species Strategy
  • AWF Expands Ape Conservation Across Central, West Africa
  • Does Conservation Enterprise Work?
6388, 7844
2013, Issue 1
  • In Pursuit of Sustainable Conservation
  • A Long-Term Commitment
  • Following Summit, AWF Takes Action on Rhinos
  • New Tool to Evaluate Conservation Enterprises
  • AWF Lays Foundation for Elephant, Giraffe Conservation in West Africa
  • Zambia Wildlife Authority Launches New Uniform as Government Declares War Against Poachers
  • In Kenya, Firing Up Communities About Wood-Fuel Security
  • South African Biosphere Reserve Fertile Ground for Biodiversity, Land Claims
  • Carnivore Census Provides New Answers to Old Problems
  • Engaging in Critical Discussions at Rio+20
2026, 2027
2012, Issue 2
  • An Africa Solution to Rhino Poaching
  • The Challenges of Conservation in Africa
  • In Burkina Faso, Easing Wildlife’s Water Woes
  • KAZA Transfrontier Conservation Area Launches
  • Long-Time AWF Presence Becomes VP for Programme Operations
  • Seeing REDD to Achieve Food Security, Resilience in Tanzania
  • How to Combat Rhino Poaching
  • Considering Ethiopia’s Conservation Potential
  • New Face in Maasai Steppe
  • In Rural Tanzania, a Community Plugs into the Future
  • New Community Reserve Gazetted in DRC
  • AWF’s African Heartlands Programme
2156, 2157
2012, Issue 1
  • New Easement Makes Room for Hope… and Wildlife
  • Building Upon a Portfolio of Conservation Success
  • Lupani Primary School Serves as Incentive in Zambia
  • Participatory Micro-zoning Reduces Threats to Forest
  • AWF Finds Ongoing Success in Bonobo Conservation
  • WMA Moves Forward with Tourism Facility Plans
  • AWF Continues Mozambique Engagement
  • New Lodge Officially Launches in Botswana
  • Integrated Fish Farm in Zambia Marks Milestone with Zambezi Restocking
  • AWF Improves Infrastructure at Buffalo Springs
  • Fighting Rural Poverty While Supporting Conservation: A WMA Case Study
  • Use of Predator-Proof Bomas Mitigate Conflict in Tanzania
  • Empowering Local Women Through Microfinancing
  • Nailepeau Conservancy Created in Kilimanjaro Heartland
  • New 'Impact Investing' to Boost Conservation Efforts
2152, 2158
2009 May - August
  • Opening of Conservation Science Center in Lomako Yokokala Reserve, DRC
  • Kenyan Court Orders Sinohydro Corporation Ltd. to Suspend Quarry Excavation in Amboseli
  • Integrating Livestock and Wildlife Systems in Heartlands
  • Why the Research on Grevy's Zebra
  • Capacity Building Fellowship for Namibia Awarded
  • AWF Hosts Delegation of Zambian Tourism Minister to Kenya
  • Update from West Africa
  • The African Wildlife Foundation's African Heartland Programme
2009 August - December
  • Combatting Climate Change for the Benefit of Wildlife, Wild Lands and the People of African Heartlands
  • Critical Wildlife Corridor Secured in the Sekute Chiefdom, Kazungula Heartland
  • African Wild Dog Applied Research and Conservation Project
  • Restructuring LUMO Lodge
  • West African Charlotte Fellows for 2009
  • U.S. Ambassador Visits AWF and Other Partners in Arusha
  • The African Wildlife Foundation's African Heartland Programme
2008 January - April
  • Lions in the Maasai Steppe
  • AWF Brings West Kilimanjaro Ranch to the Conservation Landscape
  • A Lodge to Benefit Mountain Gorillas
  • Striking a Balance Between Conservation and Development
  • AWF Announces Its New Charlotte Fellows
  • AWF Partners with NEPAD in Conservation
  • The African Wildlife Foundation's African Heartland Programme
2008 August - December
  • Using Technology to Research Leopards in Limpopo Heartland
  • Lease Program Established Around Amboseli National Park
  • Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge Opens for Business in Uganda
  • AWF Expanding Program to West Africa
  • Support to Southern Sudan - Diploma and Charlotte Fellows
  • AWF Experience in Implementing the WMA Policy in Tanzania
  • The African Wildlife Foundation's African Heartland Programme
2007 May - August
  • Improving Wildlife Management in Mozambique
  • Management Framework for Shared Elephant Population Developed
  • AWF and Partners Control an Anthrax Outbreak in Samburu Heartland
  • An Interview with AWF's Newly Appointed President, Dr. Helen Gichohi
  • Protecting the Lomako Forest in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • The Congo Shipping Project – Innovation at Work on the Congo Area Rivers
  • The African Wildlife Foundation's African Heartland Programme
2006 April - July
  • Putting the Landscape Back Together in Maasai Steppe
  • Celebrating 45 Years of AWF's Work in Africa
  • Species Stories: The Endangered Mountain Gorilla
  • AWF's 45th Anniversary Timeline
  • Land and Habitat Conservation in Africa: Conservation Easement in Kitengela
  • Capacity Building and Leadership Development: The Charlotte Conservation Fellowship Program
  • Conservation Enterprise: Tourist Lodges Bring Benefits to Wildlife and Communities
  • The African Wildlife Foundation's African Heartland Programme
2005 September - December
  • The Kenya Land Conservation Trust Formed
  • From the Desk of the Vice President for Programme: No Wildlife Conservation Without Land Conservation
  • AWF Helps Cubo Community Acquire Land Rights and Develop Community Reserve
  • Koija Starbeds Lodge: A Success Story of Using Enterprise for Land Conservation
  • Land Conservation in the Chiefdoms of Zambia
  • Land Purchase in Virunga to Support Mountain Gorilla Conservation
  • Tanzanian Military Signs Land Agreement with AWF
  • The African Wildlife Foundation's African Heartland Program
2005 January - April
  • The African Wildlife Foundation's Heartland Programme
  • From the Desk of the Vice President for Programme
  • How are African Heartlands Selected?
  • Landscape Conservation Planning
  • What Does AWF Do in Heartlands:
    • Land and Habitat Conservation
    • Species Conservation & Applied Research
    • Conservation Enterprise
    • Capacity Building & Leadership Development
    • How Does AWF Measure Impact or Success in Heartlands?