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Remembering Sudan: What the loss of the last male northern white rhino means for all of Africa’s rhinos

Photo of the last male northern white rhino in Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya

By the time he passed away on March 19, 2018, Sudan had spent a decade under 24-hour armed surveillance at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya. He was 45 years old — long past his breeding age and suffering painful degenerative changes in his muscles and bones in his final months. The team of expert veterinary doctors monitoring Sudan’s condition took a difficult decision to euthanize him, leaving behind the last of his subspecies: two female northern white rhinos.

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Blazing a trail for woman-led wildlife conservation in rural Zimbabwe

Image Olivia Mufute, AWF's Country Manager of Zimbabwe, and her best student.

For the first time ever, women will join the forty-plus team of community scouts patrolling Mbire district in Zimbabwe’s wildlife-rich Lower Zambezi Valley. For Country Manager Olivia Mufute, who leads African Wildlife Foundation’s community conservation and wildlife protection programs in the landscape, adding female scouts to the force is not a minor achievement. In fact, it marks the beginning for Zimbabwe’s rural women striving to create a new future by taking up active roles in biodiversity protection.

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Sides of a Horn draws attention to the human toll of wildlife crime

Close-up photo of a rhino grazing in tall shrubland in South Africa

A new film highlights the plight of rhinos in Africa as it explores how two people from the same circumstances, community, and even the same family can end up on opposite sides of the war against poaching.

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Geladas: the extraordinary monkeys bringing tourists to Ethiopia

Close-up photo of gelada monkey in Ethiopia highlands

When it comes to primate species with fascinating idiosyncrasies, geladas do not disappoint. These highland monkeys, also known as gelada baboons and bleeding-heart baboons, are highly social, occupying herds that are several hundred or even 1,000 strong. Found only in Ethiopia, this iconic species is a big tourism draw for Simien Mountains National Park, along with other endemic but threatened wildlife like the Ethiopian wolf and the Walia ibex.

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Strengthening Africa’s criminal justice systems to fight illegal wildlife trade

Close-up photo of an African elephant's tusk and trunk

Driven by international poaching syndicates as well as local bush meat hunters, the illegal killing, trading, and trafficking of wildlife and wildlife products keep African species at risk. Learn from Didi Wamukoya, African Wildlife Foundation’s Senior Manager, Wildlife Law Enforcement, why the continent needs watertight investigative, prosecutorial, and judicial processes — coordinated across regions — to adequately protect its wildlife.

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