The Bonobos of the Lomako-Yokokala Faunal Reserve for the World to Discover

Hello everyone! Thanks to the internet connection installed on the 14th of November 2008, and the basic infrastructure which has been built at our Lomako Conservation Science Camp - all the information on the populations of bonobos living in this part of the equatorial rainforest - is available to all.

A young bonobo.

This project that will favor the conservation of and promote the bonobos was made possible due to the efforts of a multidisciplinary and institutional team, made up of 1) Jules Mayifilua, Chief Conservator of the LYFR site representing the Congolese wildlife authorities (ICCN), in charge of the protected area; 2) African Wildlife Foundation: Jef Dupain, Director of the Congo Heartland project, Paul Thomson, Communications Manager, Valentin Omasombo, Head researcher at Lomako research camp, Florence Bwebwe, S14 officer, Malou Nsona, Intern; 3) Press: Jolie Okako, independent journalist; 4) Maison Mpenzo construction: Joseph Mpembe, Camp engineer; 5) Cybernet: Costa Divengele , VSAT technician. Part of the team visiting Lomako. The satellite dish is behind Jef. I'm standing to his left.

A BIG thank you to the Arcus Foundation and the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium who financed the satellite internet connection!