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Fog-Basking Beetle, the Little Beetle That Could

Namib beetle in the desert

Arid parks may sound boring to some, but it’s incredibly fascinating how much plant life and wildlife is sustained despite such a harsh living environment.

A small amount of Atlantic Ocean fog, traveling miles and miles over the Namib Desert dunes, is enough to sustain the life of the Namib Desert beetle. They aim themselves with their bums in the air each morning, collecting particles of moisture in the air. As water droplets form and gain mass, they slide down the beetles back and into its mouth, providing all the water they need to sustain life.

Watch the little beetle in action.

Marie Frei
About the Author

Marie is AWF's former Membership Services Associate. With her background in the travel industry and experience living in Southern Africa, she is most interested in how the right balance of conservation and tourism can benefit both people and wildlife. She is an avid photographer and blogger, and shares these passions on her website One Carry-On Travel.

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