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Jackie Chan and Spike the Rhino for the Win

Jackie Chan and Spike the rhino video

If you haven’t seen our “Tools of the Trade” video, you’re missing out. Action star and activist, Jackie Chan, fights off an arsenal of deadly weapons—the kind of weapons poachers use against our treasured wildlife—as he explains the horror of the wildlife trade.

The folks at Wildscreen Film Festival also seem to agree. They awarded “Tools of the Trade” the Campaigns prize earlier this week, honoring the video, created with partner WildAid, for its work in bringing awareness to the illegal trade in rhino horn. We hope you enjoy the video and share it with your friends.

To learn more about our demand reduction efforts, check out the Say No campaign.

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Gayane is AWF's Digital and Partner Marketing Manager. She oversees online fundraising, social media marketing and affiliate relationships. Gayane is passionate about communicating the message of conservation through new tools and technologies and finding ways to make information easily accessible. She is a graduate of the University of Florida.

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