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Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

As was said in my previous blog, I had to visit the Kgalagadi Cheetah Project in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park during 02/03/08 till 07/03/08. The main aim of the visit was to spend time, learn, and discuss the proposed leopard research with Gus Mills, one of the leading figures in the field of large carnivore ecology in Africa.

I felt very lucky and privileged to get an opportunity to spend time with Dr. Mills in the field and to see how he partitioned his precious time in order to meet his objectives. We got to spend a lot of time in the field following radio collared cheetah and in the process saw how they behaved. While following the animals, we had more than enough time to discuss my project and I am glad to announce that it is finally taking shape.

This means that I can spend the next two to three weeks laying the plan on paper and finally sending it to the South African National Parks Board Scientific Services to be discussed as a potential project.


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Nakedi joined AWF in 2007, working in the Limpopo region, where he's from. Nakedi's initial work was focused on studying the great cats to shape conservation strategies to benefit communities he's known all his life. In 2014, Nakedi moved on from the Limpopo region, becoming AWF’s Congo landscape ecologist.

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