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Last Hope for Elephants

Last hope for elephants video by Celia Ho

To spread the ivory ban idea as far as possible, I filmed a 12-min video introducing the history and impact of ivory trade, habits of elephants and my "Schools United for Elephants" campaign, in both English and Mandarin, directed by Miss Josefina Bergsten. 

Please enjoy and share the video.

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Celia Ho
About the Author

In October 2012, Celia Ho, nicknamed “The Elephant Girl” by Jane Goodall, as touched by “Blood Ivory,” an article in National Geographic. She wrote a fantastic letter in her local Hong Kong newspaper, the South China Morning Post, about saving the elephants. At only 14 she became a symbol of hope and action for the new generation in Asia. Connect with Celia and support her efforts at http://ecosysaction.org/celia's-corner.

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