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Special Guests at the Lomako Conservation Science Centre

  • 05/24/09
  • Valentin

Last week, the Lomako Conservation Science Centre (LCSC) has been honored by a visit from prominent national and international institutions. The delegation consisted of the following:

1. Embassy of Canada in Democratic Republic of the Congo (RDC)
- Sigrid Anna Johnson, Ambassador

2. Embassy of France:
- Olivier Richard, Counselor of Embassy

3. Institute Congolese for the Nature Conservation (ICCN):
- Pastor Cosma Wilungula, General Administrator Delegate
- Jules Mayifilua, Conservator Main Chief of site of the Lomako-Yokokala Faunal Reserve

- John Flynn, Director in DRC

5. African Wildlife Foundation (AWF):
- Dr Patrick Bergin, C.E.O.
- Dr Philip Muruthi, Director - Conservation science
- Jef Dupain, Director of Congo Heartland
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- Floribert Botamba, Depity Director

6. Journalist:
- Jolie Okako, independent press.

[caption id="attachment_697" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Our guests en route to the Lomako Conservation Science Centre."]Our guests en route to the Lomako Conservation Science Centre.[/caption]

I led the delegation on a visit into the forest with the help of our two experienced bonobo trackers: Papa Bosco Ikwa and Papa Mange Bofaso. Unforunately, we didn't have the luck to observe bonobos but we did see other forest species such as:

Potamochoerus porcus (Red River hog);
Cephalophus callipygus (Perters’s duiker);
Lophocerbus aterrimus (black mangabey);
Colobus angolensis (Angola pied colobus);
Cercopithecus wolfi (Wolf’s monkey);
Cercopithecus ascanius (red tailed monkey);
Guttera pucherani (Crested Guineafowl);
and the other species of bugs and small birds.

Our famous guides didn't miss the opportunity to help our guests discover the diversity of the Lomako Reserve, and showed them the diversity of foods eaten by bonobos as well as wild foods eaten by people who rely on the forest.

We thank the members of the delegation for their interests in conservation and of AWF’s programs, and also for their courage to travel in the difficult conditions that we have here in the heart of the Congo.

About the Author

Valentin blogs about bonobos and conservation from one of the wildest places on earth: the heart of the Democratic Republic of the Congo -- and the remote Lomako-Yokokala Faunal Reserve. Pivotal in establishing the Lomako Reserve in 2006, Valentin now oversees bonobo research from the new AWF conservation science camp here. Thanks to a satellite internet connection, Valentin brings the Lomako forest and the fascinating world of bonobos to you.

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