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Which Came First: The Elephants or the Pants?

The Elephant Pants

What came first, the elephants or the pants? The answer, of course, is "the elephants" and a love of everything revolving around elephants. After all, who can't admire the beauty, power, and intelligence of such majestic creatures?

Unfortunately, there are some people in this world who can't, and that's where the elephants, the pants, and AWF are all connected.

It all started with a trip to Thailand in September 2013. Nathan, one of The Elephant Pants founders, stumbled upon elephant pants while staying in Chiang Mai. The people of Chiang Mai are known for their love of elephants, and amongst tourists the city is known as a place to buy elephant pants for personal wear and as gifts for family and friends back home. Nathan, sharing the love of elephants that many Chiang Mai residents feel, decided to bring several pairs back as gifts and a plethora to add to his own collection. After giving the pants as gifts and hearing exclamations of happiness from all recipients, Nathan decided to pursue creating a business. He enlisted the help of his business partner James, and the idea of The Elephant Pants was born.

The team began to build the brand and found a family-owned and operated fair trade manufacturer in Chiang Mai to produce the pants. Nathan and James knew there was something more powerful to their idea than just pants. Understanding the quickly decreasing elephant population, largely due to poaching, they decided to partner with AWF and donate $1 of every pair sold to help prevent poaching.

After running a successful Kickstarter campaign and raising over $8,000, the company was lifted off the ground and officially launched on October 15, 2014. In these short few months, The Elephant Pants has touched the hearts of animal lovers around the globe, spread comfort and happiness, and continues to inspire everyone who discovers the brand.

With a rapidly growing following and a fruitful partnership with the AWF, The Elephant Pants, the AWF, and animal lovers around the world can help make a difference.

Together we can help save the elephants.

Check out this caring brand.

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Elephant Pants
About the Author

James and Nathan live in the urban safari of Manhattan, where they run their company, The Elephant Pants. Their first Halloween costumes as babies were elephants. They are on a mission to help save the majestic creatures by using super comfortable pants. 

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