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New Blogs on AWF

I would like say how excited I am that my colleagues Dr. Bernard Kissui (Lions: Lions of Tarangire — www.awf.org/lionblog) and Dr. Paul Muoria (Grevy’s zebra: Guarding Grevy’s Zebras — www.awf.org/zebrablog) have started blogging about their work.

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Reconnecting With Old Friends

  • 02/12/09
  • Valentin

On January 30th, Nancy Thompson Handler contacted me through my previous post. Nancy conducted research here from 1980-1991. She wrote:

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Capturing Leopard #3

After the leopard scare, Clement and I waited to see what would happen. Within a few minutes hyenas surrounded the area of the cage and in the meantime we thought they scared the leopard off. After waiting for a while we decided to go back in and re-set the cage.

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Check Out Our New Lion and Grevy's Zebra Blogs

  • 02/10/09
  • Paul

It's a big week for AWF in cyberspace. The AWF Blog Team is growing with two great new bloggers: Bernard Kissui in Tanzania and Paul Muoria in Kenya.

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Baiting Traps - Who's the Bait...?

So I started baiting the cages on Tuesday January 27rd. With the loss of the research leopard due to a porcupine incident, I needed to fit another leopard with the tracking collar.

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