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The Elephants of West Kilimanjaro

  • 08/11/08
  • Paul

It’s too bad elephants aren’t smaller. If they were, perhaps they wouldn’t travel such great distances, and we humans wouldn’t have to drive for so long to map their movements. I spent the entire day bumping through West Kili’s inescapable dust, GPS mapping a snaking network of roads. It’s amazing how tiring all this sitting can be.

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A Typical Morning in the 'Office'

4:45am: Wake up and take a shower (I’m extremely grumpy* at this stage).

5:00am: Still grumpy, I get in to the research car with my backpack and laptop bag and follow the bus from Shishangane (Staff Village) to the lodge (Singita Kruger National Park).

Contents of the backpack:

1. Water
2. Ziplock® bags in case we come across leopard droppings
3. GPS
4. Camera
5. Binoculars
6. My note book
7. A sweater (I wonder why)

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Lion Cubs Found in Samburu

  • 07/29/08
  • Paul

Samburu National Reserve has not had lion cubs since May 2006. This was a major concern considering the lion population here has been declining, according to lion researcher and AWF Charlotte Fellow, Shivani Bhalla.

But in a place full of surprises, we received the good news that three new lion cubs had been found in the reserve.

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Camera Trap Tally

The use of camera traps has proven to be a useful way to get an idea of leopard activities in the N’wanetsi Concession. I've been able to capture good quality photographs were taken during the survey. There were 20 leopard photographs taken during the study and about 13 individuals. However, because we only have one camera per station it is difficult to say this with confidence.

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What Killed the Cheetah?

  • 07/17/08
  • Paul

One thing is certain: when you're in the bush, you never know what's going to happen next.

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