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Two Lionesses Trapped

30 minutes after baiting the leopard traps, and having been reassured that they would be safe from lions, we got a call from Matthew Harding (Head guide). Steve Faulconbridge (Conservation officer) had seen two lionesses get in to the last cage and get trapped!

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Expedition to the Congo

  • 11/10/08
  • Paul

A while back I wrote about the progress being made on the bonobo research and conservation center in our Congo Heartland. I'm joining a 15 person expedition organized by Jef Dupain, director of the Heartland, to visit the site, check on construction as it nears completion, install a VSAT internet connection, and prepare some media buzz for its opening.

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How to Trap a Leopard - Part 2

The next day (October 31), John Varty (JV), Andy Coetzee, Francois Botha, Hendri and I went out to bait the cages.

JV is famous for his work with big cats and his tiger project down in the Karoo. Andy has more than twenty years of experience working with wildlife and has also been in the army. Francois and Hendri are cameramen who will be filming the events for National Geographic Live, which will be airing live in 166 countries worldwide from Sunday November 9th until Saturday November 15th.

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How To Trap a Leopard

Day 1 (October 30th)

At 07:00, Johan Malan of the Game Capture Unit from South African National Parks Board (SANParks), together with three assistants, brought four cage traps to the Singita Concession. The cage traps would be used to capture two leopards, a male and a female, for collaring. Thomas Ramabulana, the section ranger from this area allowed four of his staff to come and help. In total, there were nine of us. Aeron and Francois also tagged along.

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Gorillas Remain Safe Amidst Congo Fighting

  • 11/08/08
  • Paul

We've been following the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where rebels took command of Virunga National Park's headquarters. What about the rangers and the mountain gorillas? Jamie from IGCP sent me this news:

"There are still 52 park staff in the Mikeno Sector [the sector of the park where the mountain gorillas live], and 22 rangers monitoring the gorillas.  The rangers have continued to go out on a daily basis.  Information, however, has had difficulty flowing from the area due to the recent troubles.

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