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Back to eastern DRC -- a first visit since the war

Hi, this is Wellard again --writing to tell you about the rest of our visit to DRC, a journey of mixed emotions.

After leaving the beekeepers, we traveled another 12 kilometres of bumpy road to the T-junction to the local army base and the National Park authorities’ offices, Rumangabo Station. There we saw an amazing sight: the government army working together with former rebels. This is something that would not have been possible just a few months ago.

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Amazing Humba!

This is Eugene Rutagarama, Director of IGCP. I have worked for gorillas for quite a while, but visiting them never ceases to be a fascinating experience. Last Thursday, together with some colleagues, I had another amazing gorilla visit, checking in with the Humba group in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the Mikeno sector of Virunga National Park.

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Sinohydro Continues to Break Law and Build Illegal Quarry in Amboseli

  • 05/29/09
  • Paul

Today we have another guest blogger: Kathleen Fitzgerald, AWF's Land Conservation Director based in our Nairobi headquarters. transporter 3 HD download

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The Return of Bonobos

  • 05/21/09
  • Valentin

It’s as if the spirit of Papa Bosco Ikwa is with us! After a long period of searching fruitlessly for bonobos, out with our tracking team we have located a group of 13 individuals -- 4 males and 6 females carrying two juveniles and a baby.

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