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Baiting Traps - Who's the Bait...?

So I started baiting the cages on Tuesday January 27rd. With the loss of the research leopard due to a porcupine incident, I needed to fit another leopard with the tracking collar.

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Introducing the Lions of Tarangire

  • 02/09/09
  • Kissui

The conservation of large carnivores poses a significant challenge worldwide. In Africa, the African lion was once widely distributed across the continent, but populations have dramatically declined and in some areas disappeared due to human population increases, fragmentation of habitat and human-lion conflict has reached extraordinary levels in many ecosystems.

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Welcome to My Blog

  • 02/06/09
  • Muoria

I am Dr. Paul Muoria, a research scientist with African Wildlife Foundation. My work revolves around the conservation of the endangered Grevy’s zebra (Equus grevyi).

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Attending the Green-Flag Award Ceremony

On Friday January 23rd I had the privilege to attend the Green Flag Award Ceremony for Eco-Schools in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

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Next Steps for Leopard Collaring

After losing the collared leopard I spent the week moving cage traps to other areas in the hope of capturing two other leopards to collar for research. During that period I worked with some of the guys from Singita’s guiding department. This was a very good exercise as I could see how well those guys know their area; it was as if they knew each tree or grass at a personal level.

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