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Gorilla Teeth on a Perfect Morning

  • 03/19/09
  • IGCP

Benjamin, Augustin and James let out a hearty laugh. “Did you see that? It happened so fast! She definitely doesn’t like us today!” This could have been a scene from a café, where we were sitting having some coffee and all boasting, revisiting our various clumsy attempts to garner some attention. But today I was amazed that their laughs came so easily, and how their good nature and positive attitude always seems to shine. It was a bit more difficult for me because I was still quivering.

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Journey to Lomako

  • 03/15/09
  • Valentin

We are getting ready for the opening of the Lomako Conservation Science Centre, which is in the heart of the DRC. Many people wonder how one actually gets there. It's quite an adventure. So let me tell you…

You leave Kinshasa by plane, from either Ndolo airport or Ndjili international airport, destination : Basankusu in the Province of Equateur.

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Tracking the Twins - Part 2

  • 03/14/09
  • IGCP

Here's more on my experience tracking the Nkuringo gorilla group in Uganda, which I blogged about earlier.

As I emerge from the scrubby undergrowth of the Park-to-farm transitional forest I am startled by Mama Christmas, and older female who has broken from the pack and is sitting stoically on top of a huge boulder overlooking the squawking birds and bubbling streams of Bwindi below.

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Bonobos Are Changing Their Behaviour: Why?

  • 03/13/09
  • Valentin

We are still having difficulties locating the bonobos in our research area, but we are finding their food traces of Haumania and Palisota as well as their nests a bit further afield, approximately 7 kilometers from camp.

The reason lying behind this lack of sightings in the area remains unknown and we are asking ourselves the following questions which we would like to share with other scientists in the hopes that they might be able to enlighten us:

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Collaring a Lion

  • 03/12/09
  • Paul

After two long days of searching without success, we finally found the lion. I had been out in Buffalo Springs looking there, while Shivani was in Samburu Reserve. At 6:36 in the morning, Shivani - the AWF Charlotte Fellow - had found a pair of males basking in the dry riverbed of the Ewaso Nyiro. When she finally reached me on the radio around 10:00 I rushed over, approaching from the other side of the river.

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