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Why Do People Kill Lions?

  • 03/09/09
  • Paul

In the past two decades, more than half of Africa’s lions have been wiped out. As Bernard Kissui wrote in his lion blog, the remaining populations of the African lion are restricted to small and isolated protected areas, where, despite concerted protection, they are subject to unusually high mortality due to close interactions with an ever increasing human population outside protected areas.

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Spending Time With the Collared Leopard

The second leopard that we collared has started giving us some valuable data. We already know that there was a considerable amount of space overlap with the previous leopard that died from porcupine inflicted injuries. Unlike the other leopard however, this one seems to spend a considerable amount of time in the open. Up to now I have been lucky to see one of his kills, which was a porcupine.

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The First Collared Lion in Samburu

  • 03/07/09
  • Paul

I’m looking for lions. We haven’t found them, or much at all, in this drought that has left Buffalo Springs and Samburu National Reserves parched and dusty. But we need to find them soon.

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Photos from the School Trip to the Wildlife Reserves

  • 03/05/09
  • Muoria

Last time, I blogged about our recent excursion with 28 primary school students to Samburu and Buffalo Springs National Reserves. I wanted to share some photos to help illustrate the story. Enjoy!

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Lion Conservation Challenges: Building a Better Boma

  • 03/04/09
  • Kissui

Over the years we have learnt that ineffective husbandry - especially poor livestock security at night - contributes significantly to high levels of livestock predation. At night, livestock is kept in enclosures (bomas) usually made of thorn bush walls. Such bomas do not provide adequate security against invading predators.

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