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Update on Lion Killings in the Maasai Steppe

  • 03/02/09
  • Kissui

In my previous blog post, I promised to provide details about the recent human-lion conflict incident in our study area in which a male and a lioness from one of our study prides called Altipiano were speared to death because of predation on livestock.

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Taking School Children to See Wildlife Up Close

  • 02/27/09
  • Muoria

Public awareness (particularly among the local communities of the Grevy’s zebra habitat) on the plight of the Grevy’s zebra and other wildlife conservation issues is a key activity of AWF’s Grevy’s zebra conservation/research project. In addition, Kenya’s National Grevy’s Zebra Conservation Strategy, which launched in June 2008, recognizes the importance of local community participation in Grevy’s zebra conservation.

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Dr. Philip Muruthi Visits the Leopard Project

Dr. Philip Muruthi, AWF’s Senior Director of Conservation Science, recently came from Nairobi to visit the leopard project. During his stay he managed to hold very important and fruitful meetings with Dr. Sam Ferreira from SANParks, Mr. Thomas Ramabulana also from SANParks as well as Mr. Jason Trollip, the General Manager at Singita KNP. Through the meetings Dr.

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A Brief History and Context of Bonobo Conservation in Lomako

  • 02/16/09
  • Valentin

Lomako is a sector of the Befale Territory in the Tshuapa district of the Province of Equateur, DR Congo. The local population is that of the ‘Mongo’ who share the forest with the bonobos.

In 1973, the Mongo population saw the first researchers arrive with their bonobo research projects. Projects, which would not have been possible without the contribution of the indigenous population who were employed as trackers, fishermen, carriers etc.

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New Blogs on AWF

I would like say how excited I am that my colleagues Dr. Bernard Kissui (Lions: Lions of Tarangire — www.awf.org/lionblog) and Dr. Paul Muoria (Grevy’s zebra: Guarding Grevy’s Zebras — www.awf.org/zebrablog) have started blogging about their work.

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