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Mysterious Gorilla Death in Bwindi Under Investigation

  • 03/18/09
  • IGCP

An adult female gorilla in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda has died under mysterious circumstances. The female, named Kasongo, was from the Mubare gorilla family, which is habituated and visited by tourists.

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Bringing Green Energy to Lomako

  • 03/17/09
  • Paul

I received this photo from Jef Dupain in the Congo Heartland. He says, “We are incorporating green practices into Lomako Center as much as possible. Because the Center is in the middle of the forest, it’s important that we have low impact. Plus it saves cost too. Bringing fuel and batteries and things all the way out here is too expensive.

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Getting Ready for the Expedition

  • 03/16/09
  • Paul

The Congo Heartland is buzzing in anticipation of the big opening of the Lomako Conservation Science Center (LCSC).

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Journey to Lomako

  • 03/15/09
  • Valentin

We are getting ready for the opening of the Lomako Conservation Science Centre, which is in the heart of the DRC. Many people wonder how one actually gets there. It's quite an adventure. So let me tell you…

You leave Kinshasa by plane, from either Ndolo airport or Ndjili international airport, destination : Basankusu in the Province of Equateur.

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Tracking the Twins - Part 2

  • 03/14/09
  • IGCP

Here's more on my experience tracking the Nkuringo gorilla group in Uganda, which I blogged about earlier.

As I emerge from the scrubby undergrowth of the Park-to-farm transitional forest I am startled by Mama Christmas, and older female who has broken from the pack and is sitting stoically on top of a huge boulder overlooking the squawking birds and bubbling streams of Bwindi below.

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