Global Leadership

AWF COP28 Closing Statement

As we conclude COP28, we reflect on the journey we have traversed over these crucial two weeks. COP28 has been a turning point, marked by significant achievements, inspiring collaborations, and renewed commitments to safeguard our planet's future. We cannot ignore the big question: is this deal ambitious enough to get us to where we all aspire to be in the next few years before we hit the irreversible mark? We at AWF are working tirelessly to collaborate with like-minded partners to ensure all these negotiations are not in vain.

The Nexus Between Nature and Climate 

Our commitment to intertwine nature and climate has been at the forefront of our engagement at COP28. The inseparable connection between the health of our ecosystems and climate resilience cannot be overstated. AWF has actively advocated for a holistic approach that recognizes the interconnectedness of nature and climate, and we are heartened by the progress made in this regard.

AWF proudly endorses the Open Letter for Enhanced Ambition for Nature and Climate. This initiative is a testament to our shared responsibility to collectively address climate change and biodiversity loss. The time for action is now, and AWF commits to actively contribute to fostering stronger awareness and capacity for the synergetic implementation of national instruments for climate and biodiversity.

Operationalizing the Loss and Damage Fund

We applaud the landmark agreement on operationalizing the Loss and Damage Fund, a critical step in assisting low-income countries grappling with the devastating impacts of climate change. AWF recognizes the importance of addressing the vulnerabilities of these nations and will continue to advocate for increased support and efficient disbursement based on scientific data.

Relief, Recovery, and Peace Day Commitment

Our endorsement of the commitment to increase investment and actions for resilience in conflict, fragility, or humanitarian crisis-affected regions aligns with our mission to protect landscapes critical for climate resilience. This commitment is a call to action, and AWF pledges to actively contribute to collaborative efforts across sectors to address the unique challenges faced by regions in conflict or crisis.


Our Call to Action

Our work is not yet done. The call to transition away from fossil fuels, embrace an economy wide Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), ensure a just and orderly energy transition, fix climate finance to make it more available, affordable, and accessible, focus on people, nature and live, foster full inclusivity in climate action and additional the commitments and pledges of over $85 Billion made at COP28 are not just words on paper—they are a call to action, a charge to each of us to be stewards of our planet and be a part of the solution. As observers to these conventions, we understand the nuances and the compromises that need to be made but these solutions need to be people-centric to be successful. 

AWF, in its unwavering commitment to Africa's wildlife and people, pledges to continue advocating for policies that protect our precious ecosystems, practical solutions that build resilience, and a sustainable future where people and wildlife live in harmony with nature. Localized solutions were greatly represented at the COP with great representation from those who live in biodiverse-rich regions worldwide, sharing community-led practical and scalable solutions.

As we leave COP28, let us carry the spirit of collaboration, urgency, and responsibility into the days, months, and years ahead. The world is watching, and transformative action is no longer an option but a necessity.