Elephant Numbers in Kruger National Park

Elephant Numbers in Kruger National Park

Elephant Numbers in Kruger National Park

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In the next few weeks, the South African government is facing the decision on how to handle the growing elephant population in Kruger National Park (KNP). The elephant population numbers are about 12,500 and are said to impact negatively on the biodiversity of the park.

AWF believes strongly that the best solution in the medium to long-term for the elephants and other wildlife of KNP is the full implementation of the larger Limpopo Transfrontier conservation area which will allow elephants and other wildlife to spread out into parts of Mozambique and Zimbabwe adjoining South Africa.

AWF's efforts in the Limpopo Heartland are concentrated on making this large area a reality for wildlife as quickly as possible. However political problems in Zimbabwe and capacity constraints in Mozambique have contributed to slower than desired progress on this initiative creating the current problems of over-population.

We know of no African Government agency which would lightly choose to consider culling elephants where other options exist. Culling is heartbreaking, difficult, dangerous, and extremely costly and is only considered regretfully as a last option where the long term well-being of elephants and other wildlife is at risk.

AWF believes that the South African National Parks agency (SANParks), which must deal with the real problems on the ground on a daily basis, and is responsible to the citizens of South Africa, is best qualified to take this very difficult decision.