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Prince William Hits the Mark on Ivory Trade

  • Monday, September 26, 2016
  • Nairobi
A small group of elephants

The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) strongly agrees with recent statements by Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, that nations have a moral duty to stop the ivory trade. 

 We strongly recommend taking three steps without delay. First, destroy all ivory stockpiles. Second, establish a domestic moratorium on ivory trade within each country. These actions would eliminate the possibility of an ivory marketplace, which has become an ecosystem of global criminality.

 Finally, the AWF believes Africa’s unique wildlife need to be viewed as a single continental entity. Highly endangered species like elephants, lions and rhinos are under too much threat to be traded sustainably.

 Countries continue to play one against the other for narrow national interests. It is time for range states to look at the species that live within their borders as parts of larger metapopulations. AWF supports and stands with the governments and leaders who have the courage to put Africa’s wildlife before borders.

 To secure a future, Africa must come together on these issues with urgency and in unified spirit. Waiting for debate and disagreement will forestall efforts that prevent Africa’s natural heritage from disappearing.

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Image of a male lion.
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