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Rare Mountain Gorilla Twins Celebrate Their Second Birthday, Gorilla Style!

  • 05/31/06

Story by Prosper Uwingeli, a warden in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda.

When twin mountain gorillas were born in May 2004 in the lush Virunga mountains of Rwanda, observers were concerned about the health and safety of the twins as they grew older and bigger. No other set of mountain gorilla twins have survived in the wild. However, with every day that they survived there was more hope for their long term survival, as their mother was successfully doing the difficult job of caring for two infants at once.

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Artist John Banovich Helps Focus Attention on Lions

  • 05/22/06

Acclaimed wildlife artist John Banovich is dedicated to both his art he specializes in large oil canvases of Africa's wildlife and to preserving wild animals and the wild places they need to survive.

"Lions are iconic animals, symbolizing so much to so many people around the world," says John. "Both past and present civilizations have immortalized the spirit of the lion and it has become a symbol of admirable traits we humans embrace."

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New Headquarters for One of Africa's Best Reserves

  • 05/08/06

AWF completed the construction of new headquarters and staff housing for the wardens and rangers of Samburu National Reserve in late April. Located in the Kenya's northern frontier, Samburu National Reserve is one of Kenya's most spectacular protected areas. The arid landscape is home to reticulated giraffes, Grevy's zebras, beisa oryxes, and gerenuks - specialized species which can only be found north of the equator. They share the landscape with elephants, lions, leopards, cheetahs, and other species that thrive in the grasslands and acacia woodlands of the reserve.

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Game Officer Killed by Elephant Poachers

  • 04/24/06

On April 17th, 2006 Mr. Emmanuel Muyengi, District Game Officer of Simanjiro District in northern Tanzania, was shot by poachers and died. Mr. Muyengi was leading a raid on elephant poachers in Simanjiro on April 16th. The poachers were reportedly in possession of two vehicles, elephant tusks and firearms and ammunition. In the course of apprehending the poaching gang, Mr. Muyengi was targeted and shot in the leg. The poachers used the ensuing confusion during the shoot-out to escape on foot into the bush. The two vehicles and tusks were seized by authorities.

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Discover Tanzania by Private Air: Join AWF For a Tailor-Made Safari This Summer

  • 04/07/06

Join AWF's Craig Sholley this summer for the African Safari of a lifetime. Visit some of the best wildlife areas that East Africa has to offer with the people who know the land, the wildlife and the people the best. Having worked in Africa for 45 years, AWF has designed a unique safari that you won't want to miss.

Main Safari - northern Tanzania circuit: June 4 - 13, 2006

Optional pre-trip extension to go Gorilla-Trekking in Uganda: May 31 - June 5, 2006

Optional post-trip extension to the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania: June 13 - 16, 2006

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