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AWF Launches New Website!

  • 12/15/00

The African Wildlife Foundation is exceedingly proud to launch our redesigned website, offering new and exciting features to give our members and supporters direct access to our fieldwork.

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New Science Unit Will Support African Heartlands Program

  • 10/01/00

AWF is establishing a Heartlands Science Unit to support its African Heartlands conservation program.

The science unit will combine expertise currently available in Africa and in Washington, D.C., to articulate the scientific principles upon which the Heartlands model is based and to ensure that Heartlands remains a strong, scientifically grounded program.

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Conservation in War Zones

  • 10/01/00

Annette Lanjouw knows all about the challenges that conservationists face in areas of armed conflict. Lanjouw directs the International Gorilla Conservation Program (IGCP), which monitors mountain gorillas in the Virunga mountains on the borders of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Much of that region has been buffeted in recent years by civil wars and refugee movements that have intensified the threat to the gorillas, and IGCP has taken steps to coordinate gorilla protection throughout the area.

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AWF Helps Launch Distance-Learning Program in Conservation

  • 10/01/00

The African Wildlife Foundation recently helped launch another first in Africa. In keeping with its longstanding commitment to train African conservationists, AWF helped create a new distance-learning program in which students can earn a master's degree in protected-area and community conservation without leaving home or work.

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Wildlife Watch, Barbary Lions: Lost and Found

  • 01/01/00

The discovery that a presumably ordinary lion rescued from a bankrupt traveling circus is in fact a rare, black-maned Barbary lion has caught scientists at South Africa's Hoedspruit Research and Breeding Center for Endangered Species by surprise, according to a report in the newspaper East African.

The Barbary lion (Panthera leo leo) was once common across the whole of North Africa. The male differs from its cousin, the African lion, by the unusually long, full black mane that runs the length of the body.

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