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AWF Teams With NASA, University of Maryland and Partners to Map Changing Landscape in Central Africa

  • 03/07/06

(Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo) "Our small Cessna Caravan plane flew for two hours north of the capital Kinshasa towards the Equateur Province where our Congo Heartland is located," wrote AWF President Patrick Bergin on a recent trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo in central Africa. "Below us were seemingly endless dense tropical forests with scattered broad sleepy water-ways winding through the trees on their way to join the mighty Congo River.

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Rediscovering Mozambique: The Newest Wildlife Destination in Africa

  • 03/02/06

In southeast Africa, on the shores of the Indian Ocean, a jewel emerges from the ruins of war. Mozambique, once torn by civil strife, is rebuilding itself and has never looked more appealing to tourists. With a growing economy and natural wonders from mountains to sea to wildlife-rich parks, this former Portuguese colony offers diversions for visitors of all interests and nationalities.

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New Communications Networks Safeguard Wildlife

  • 02/07/06

In the northern frontier of Kenya, the warden and rangers of Samburu National Reserve scribbled notes on pads of paper, recording signs of poacher's campfires, illegal cattle grazing, and locations of wildlife. Until now, rangers scattered throughout the park had no way of communicating with each other over the vast acacia-studded landscape.

Thanks to Motorola and AWF, that's about to change.

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Award-Winning Filmmakers Tell the Tale of Lions and Their Prey in New Film

  • 01/18/06

Award-winning filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert have completed their latest film, Relentless Enemies: Lions and Buffalo, which tells of the grueling fight for survival of highly specialized lions that prey almost exclusively on buffalo in the Okavango Delta. Relentless Enemies will first air on the National Geographic Channel Sunday, January 29th, at 9pm in the USA.

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Anthrax Cause of Death in Grevy's Zebra of Samburu Heartland

  • 12/28/05

On December 7th, over the course of one week, the African Wildlife Foundation's Grevy's zebra research team discovered eight dead adult Grevy's zebra. These zebras were found in the Ngaroni area of northern Kenya, a place with a high concentration of Grevy's zebra population.

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