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AWF Deeply Concerned with Kenya's Decision to Downgrade Amboseli National Park to National Reserve Status

  • 10/10/05

The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is deeply concerned with the recent decision by the Government of Kenya to downgrade the status of Amboseli National Park to National Reserve status. This decision removes management authority from the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and places it under the control of the Olkejiado County Council. This action was directed by the Minister of Wildlife and Tourism through Legal Notice No.120 published in the Kenya Gazette Supplement No. 70 on 29th September, 2005. It will likely have far reaching implications on the integrity of the Amboseli ecosystem.

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Elephants Fitted with GPS Collars to Track Movements in Tanzania

  • 09/29/05

AWF elephant research and conservation efforts in the Kilimanjaro Heartland got a major boost when elephant researcher Alfred Kikoti successfully fitted GPS collars on six elephants near Mt. Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania.

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Congo River Cargo Boat Brings Promise to Endangered Great Apes

  • 09/23/05

African Wildlife Foundation Promotes Alternatives to Illegal Bushmeat Hunting of Bonobos, Pygmy Chimpanzees Facing Extinction from Impoverished, War-Ravaged Local Communities

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AWF Partners with Clear Channel Airports to Get Conservation Message Out

  • 09/20/05

Clear Channel Outdoor has generously donated advertising space to The African Wildlife Foundation in 8 major U.S. airports and has remained AWF's largest corporate supporter for the last three years.

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AWF Signs Agreement with South African National Parks to Benefit Communities

  • 08/26/05

The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) believes wildlife conservation can directly benefit the livelihoods of local people. In South Africa, home to the some of the most spectacular national parks and wildlife viewing, many communities have not received a share of the financial rewards of tourism. That is about to change, thanks to a new agreement between AWF and South African National Parks (SANParks).

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