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Manyara Ranch: A Corridor - and More

  • 06/03/03

When the Government of Tanzania turned over the Manyara Ranch in April 2001 to a private land trust that AWF and its many collaborators in Tanzania helped establish, the transfer made conservation history.

The first land trust of its kind in east Africa, the Tanzania Land Conservation Trust (TLCT) is a nonprofit institution that seeks to acquire critical wildlife areas. These lands are then managed to protect the needs of local pastoral communities and to preserve the integrity of the landscape for wildlife conservation.

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The Tragedies of Poaching: Rangers Killed in Tsavo

  • 05/20/03

Sadly, we are once again faced with a poaching-related tragedy. This time, however, we are mourning the loss of two of Kenya Wildlife Service's (KWS) rangers who were killed on May 11, 2003 in a valiant effort to protect the wildlife of Tsavo East National Park in Kenya.

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Carnivore Project Launched in AWF's Kazungula

  • 04/29/03

Gosiame Neo-Mahupeleng, a native of northern Botswana, joined AWF in December of 2002 and has recently launched a project studying large carnivores in AWF's Kazungula Heartland. His research will focus in Chobe National Park in northeastern Botswana and in the eastern Caprivi area of Namibia. This project was created with the support of the Behrman family who donated funds in memory of Darryl Behrman.

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Kilimanjaro Heartland Heats Up

  • 04/25/03

The snows of Kilimanjaro are melting. Recognized throughout the world as a symbol of Africa's wild beauty and majesty, Kilimanjaro is the continent's highest mountain, located in northeastern Tanzania near the border with Kenya. Its two volcanic peaks stand about seven miles apart, connected by a broad "saddle." The crater of Kibo, the higher peak, is covered with an ice cap. But now the legendary glaciers are melting so rapidly that scientists predict they will all be gone in 15 years.


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