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Starbucks Partners with AWF in its Global Coffee Sustainability Initiatives

  • 06/24/05

WASHINGTON & NAIROBI; June 23, 2005 Building on its ongoing global coffee sustainability commitment in coffee farms and cooperatives throughout the world, Starbucks Coffee Company (Nasdaq: SBUX) and the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) today announced the launch of the "Coffee for Conservation" project, which is aimed at promoting coffee quality, environmental sustainability and natural resource conservation in east Africa.

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Meet Mompoloki Morapedi and Future African Conservationist

  • 05/23/05

AWF strongly believes that Africans are the ideal stewards of the continent's natural resources and that's why more than 80 percent of AWF's staff are African. But, AWF believes that simply hiring Africans is not enough. In order to empower Africans to help the wildlife and wild lands survive, AWF invests many resources in training and educating future conservationists. Naturally, this includes helping individuals pursue advanced degrees in conservation-related fields. It also includes investing in individuals who have shown a keen interest in helping to conserve Africa's wildlife.

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Private Lands to Be Conserved in Kenya

  • 05/16/05

(Nairobi, Kenya) The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) today announced an important milestone in the race to save habitat for wildlife in this east African country renowned for its elephants, lion and other large wildlife. Kenya's Minister for Housing and Lands has granted incorporation to a new national body which will allow land to be privately held for conservation, thus supplementing the traditional government parks and reserves.

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AWF Expresses Concern for the Wildlife and People of Zimbabwe

  • 05/09/05

Zimbabwe, one of Africa's most beautiful countries and with a rich wildlife heritage, is presently struggling from the combined effects of a drought, economic problems and political uncertainty. This is putting enormous stress on wildlife, parks and people alike. At the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), we have long observed that the well-being of wildlife and people go hand in hand in Africa. When one suffers, so will the other.

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Destructive Mudslide in Virunga Heartland

  • 05/05/05

Deforestation for subsistence agriculture has left much of the soil on the steep hills of the Virunga Volcanoes unstable and, therefore, vulnerable to mudslides. This rainy season's heavy rainfall took its toll.

On April 27th, an enormous mudslide carrying with it boulders, trees, and large amounts of water, crashed through the District of Bukamba in Rwanda, killing at least four people. Seven children are reported missing. The mudslide destroyed vast areas of the landscape, and more than 17 homes. In addition, at least two cows, along with many sheep and goats were killed.

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