Student Gorilla Trek

Descriptions & Plan

Wildlife permits are too expensive for native Rwandans. 

Despite living so close to the magnificent mountain gorilla, many Rwandans lack the ability to fully engage with and experience the world around them. The high price of a permit (US$35, now US$50) prevents many from being able to see the mountain gorillas that live exclusively in Central Africa. As a result, only tourists see the majesty of local protected areas. 

African Wildlife Foundation pays for Rwandan students to experience a gorilla trek. 

AWF, in partnership with the International Gorilla Conservation Programme (IGCP)—a coalition of AWF, Fauna and Flora International, and WWF—and with funding from the Annenberg Foundation, facilitated a mountain gorilla expedition for more than 100 local Rwandan high school students involved in their school environmental clubs. For many, the trek was their first time stepping foot in a park they’ve grown up next to—and it proved an enriching learning experience for the future stewards of Rwandan conservation. Students learned about the economics of tourism and the history of the forest as well as gaining a respect for the natural world around them.

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