Antoine Tabu

Antoine holds a master’s degree equivalent in sociology and has 17 years of experience in natural resource management in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He joined AWF in 2005 as a technical assistant, then was promoted to serve as a program impact monitoring officer. From 2011 to 2015, he worked as project manager of AWF’s World Bank-funded Forest and Nature Conservation Project, then as senior project manager of USAID's Central Africa Regional Program for the Environment/ Central Africa Forest Ecosystems Conservation.

The endangered bonobo: Africa's forgotten ape

Wildlife enthusiasts generally know a lot about our closest cousins in the natural world, chimpanzees. But often they know less about a primate that is equally close and just as fascinating — the bonobo, “the forgotten ape."

A small airplane opens Bili Uele’s remote forests to conservation

In October 2021, a new aircraft was delivered to the African Wildlife Foundation office in Bili Uele in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This plane will be integral to the continued operations and logistics in this expansive forest landscape where travel is fraught, impeded by poor road networks and vast distances.

AWF Survey Shows Human Livelihood Activities Threaten Biodiversity in Bili Uele

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All communities living on the periphery of the Bili-Mbomu Protected Area Complex practice bushmeat hunting and agriculture as income-generating activities, a new survey by the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) has shown. The survey shows a heavy reliance on natural resources for livelihood, contributing to the degradation of biodiversity in the landscape.

Sustainable agriculture, land-use planning stops DRC forest loss

The Bili-Mbomu Protected Area Complex is a place of stunning beauty and rare wildlife in northern Democratic Republic of Congo, but it also faces significant challenges that threaten its continued existence. Deep within the heavily forested landscape, poaching, illegal fishing methods that poison water, artisanal gold mining, and slash-and-burn agriculture are slowly decimating biodiversity, leaving the complex a shadow of its former self.

On Earth Day, AWF celebrates conservation experts working to restore our planet

The 2021 Earth Day theme ‘Restore Our Earth’ looks at natural processes, emerging technology, and innovative thinking that helps restore the world’s ecosystems. African Wildlife Foundation utilizes all of the above every day to protect wildlife and wild lands, and enhance natural ecosystems.

A conservationist helps DRC’s forest communities fight COVID-19

For Dodo Tshidinda, a typical day at work looks nothing like what you might expect. Traversing hundreds of kilometers on a motorcycle deep in the Congo Basin rainforest is par for the course for Dodo, African Wildlife Foundation’s Program Officer in the Democratic Republic of Congo. So are days with no internet connectivity or phone signal.

As most of the world currently works from home and shelters in place due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, 36-year-old Dodo has not slowed down but redoubled his efforts in service to his community.