Nancy Githaiga

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Philip Muruthi

Philip, who has worked with African Wildlife Foundation for more than 20 years, faces conservation challenges from a broad perspective. His role is to deliver strong and appropriate conservation science inputs to AWF's integrated conservation strategies that take into account landscape-level approaches, social issues, and economic issues. He is responsible for issues as varied as the kind of endangerment classification a species should receive, or how resources should be allocated and oversees AWF's species program.

Kaddu Sebunya

Kaddu has over 20 years’ experience in conservation at grassroots, national, and regional levels in the USA, Africa, and Europe. He has worked with Oxfam UK, the World Conservation Union - IUCN, USA Peace Corps, Conservation International, and Solimar International. As African Wildlife Foundation’s CEO, Kaddu rallies the continent’s elite to lead the fight against the destruction of valuable habitats and wildlife. He believes that it is time for African voices and networks to re-imagine the conservation narrative. Kaddu has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, as well as an M.A.

Kenya: Tsavo, Samburu & Masai Mara

Our Kenya safari showcases the absolute best of Kenya, with visits to three renowned wildlife rich areas: Amboseli, Samburu and the Masai Mara. As we observe wildlife in its natural habitat your AWF leader will share conservation issues facing the parks, conservancies and reserves. We kick this 10-day safari off with a visit to AWF’s headquarters in Nairobi and a visit to the Sheldrick elephant orphanage.

Building a united force for wildlife conservation on World Ranger Day

Ranger, wildlife scout, or game warden — their essential and multifaceted roles at the front line help to conserve wildlife, natural habitats, and ecosystems across the world. In honor of World Ranger Day, we explore the diverse work of wildlife rangers and scouts in Zimbabwe, and celebrate their counterparts in Kenya: two African Wildlife Foundation staff members recently appointed as Honorary Wardens by the national wildlife authority.

AWF And KWS Conduct Workshop to Analyse Law Enforcement Academy Development Report

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Last week, African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) and Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) conducted a two-day workshop funded by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) at Maanzoni Lodge in Machakos to analyze the results of the needs and gaps assessment of the KWS Law Enforcement Academy (LEA) curriculum at Manyani. The analysis involved thorough scrutiny of the needs identified within the report and how soon they can be incorporated in the current curriculum development to ensure speedy integration.

Kenya’s giraffes slump under local bushmeat trade

It is early evening at Taita Ranch, which lies adjacent to Kenya’s biggest national park, the Tsavo. We drive slowly along the bumpy roads in the 98,000-acre conservancy, stopping to peer into bushes, alert for any signs of movement. We are looking for giraffes. They are usually in plenty, visibly towering over the shrubland and quietly grazing on the choicest leaves on the tops of trees, but today they are proving uncharacteristically elusive.