Grant's Gazelle

Scientific name

Nanger granti


45 to 65 kilograms (100 to 145 pounds)


140 to 166 centimeters in length (4.5 to 5.5 feet)

Life span

Average 12 years


Open grass plains, montane grasslands, subdesert, lowland thornbush, and savanna woodland




7 months


Humans, all major predators

Native to
African countries
Protected areas house
of the population
A total population of
is estimated
Grant's Gazelle


Humans are encroaching on the Grant’s gazelle’s habitats. 

Human settlement, ranching, agriculture expansion, and fencing of land results in habitat loss or fragmentation of the Grant’s living species. While this gazelle remains widespread in its range across East Africa, only about 25 percent of the population is considered stable or to be increasing. If this downward trend of other populations continues, then the IUCN states it’s only a matter of time before uplisting this species to a near threatened status.

Humans are hunting the Grant’s gazelle. 

These gazelles are conspicuous and easy to kill, and it is hunted for its highly valued meat and hides.


Our solutions to protecting the Grant’s gazelle:

Key Landmarks
Set aside space for wildlife.

African Wildlife Foundation works with governments and villages to designate wildlife corridors—large swaths of land Grant’s gazelles, and other wildlife, use to roam freely and safely from one park, or country, to another. Corridors link protected areas and allow wildlife to follow rains or travel to their calving grounds.

Provide livestock management training.

AWF financed The Linking Livestock Markets to Conservation initiative in Kenya. With this project, communities have improved their livelihoods through a partnership with Ol Pejeta Conservancy, which links pastoralists to premium livestock markets and provides high prices to those who adhere to conservation criteria, thereby reducing overstocking and rangeland degradation for wildlife while simultaneously increasing revenue for pastoralists.

Grant's Gazelle
Grant's Gazelle


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