Scientific name

Common jackal (Canis aureus) <br> Side-striped jackal (Canis adustus) <br> Black-backed jackal (Canis mesomelas)


8 to 10 kilograms (17 to 25 pounds)


70 to 85 centimeters in length (27 to 33 inches), 25 centimeter long tail (about 10 inches), and 40 centimeter standing height (about 16 inches)

Life span

8 to 9 years in the wild; up to 16 years in captivity


Open and wooded savanna, semi-desert, grasslands, shrubland




About 2 months


Leopards, hyenas, eagles

There are
species of African jackal
Pups are independent at
months old
Jackals have
mate for life


Humans are encroaching on jackals’ living spaces.

Increased habitat loss due to human population growth and resulting expansion of roads, settlements, and agriculture threatens the jackal. The livestock rearing and farming conducive to jackal and wildlife survival, are now being replaced by industrialization and unsustainable agricultural practices.

Human-wildlife conflict is a growing threat.

As habitats are lost, jackals are increasingly infringing on human settlements, where can be viewed as a danger to livestock and poultry and be killed as pests. They are also often persecuted as rabies transmitters.


Our solutions to protecting the jackal:

Prevent livestock loss.

African Wildlife Foundation works with pastoralist communities to develop appropriate preventative measures that prevent loss of livestock. In Tanzania, AWF is building bomas for communities living in close proximity to carnivores. Bomas are predator-proof enclosures where livestock are kept to prevent attacks. By taking proactive steps, we are able to prevent both livestock and carnivore deaths.

Key Landmarks
Save land for wildlife.

AWF engages local communities to set aside land for wildlife to live undisturbed. In the Laikipia region of Kenya—which has no formal protected areas—we brought the Koija community together with a private operator to construct the Koija Starbeds Lodge. Koija Starbeds creates jobs and income for the community members. The revenue is also reinvested into the community and into conservation, and the land is protected for wildlife.



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