Vervet Monkey

Scientific name

Cercopithecus aethiops


3 to 5 kilograms (6 to 11 pounds)


400 to 600 millimeters in length (15 to 24 inches); with tails about 300 to 500 millimeters in length (11 to 20 inches)

Life span

Up to 30 years


Woodland, savanna, high bush




About 5.5 months


Leopards, eagles, humans

Troops can include
There are
subspecies of vervet
Live in areas up to
meters in altitude
Vervet Monkey


Vervet monkeys are sometimes viewed as pests.

Vervets living near areas inhabited by people can become pests, stealing food and other items and raiding crops. This leads to a heavy annual slaughter by poison, traps, and guns.

They have become valuable to research.

In recent years, vervet monkeys have been considered a valuable research animal, making live trapping prevalent as well.


Our solutions to protecting the vervet monkey:

Community Involvement
Foster symbiosis between wildlife and people.

African Wildlife Foundation works with communities living in close proximity to wildlife to incentivize conservation. In exchange for refraining from retaliatory killing or hunting for bushmeat, communities receive training in sustainable, and more productive, agriculture techniques that lead to enhanced food and economic security.

Tap into education.

Conservation schools are another way that we are protecting wildlife and assisting communities. Conservation schools allow AWF to build outstanding schools in rural areas with the agreement that the people living in the community will set aside land for wildlife to live undisturbed. Conservation is also built into the school’s curriculum, creating a new generation of people informed on, and committed to conservation.

Vervet Monkey
Vervet Monkey


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