Request for Quotations - Supply of Radio Equipment

Request for Quotations - Supply of Radio Equipment

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Chewore Safari Area, Zimbabwe
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The African Wildlife Foundation is an international conservation organization working in large landscapes across the African continent. The organization works to ensure wildlife and wildlands thrive in modern Africa through a multi-faceted approach of conservation strategies for wildlife, wildlands and people.

As part of the Cross Regional Wildlife Conservation in Eastern and Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean (CRCW) being implemented by the Cites Secretariat with financing provided by the European Union, the CITES Secretariat agrees to co-operate with AWF in the achievement of the CRCW’s first objective: Capacity and collaboration for combating wildlife crime impacting CITES-listed species in key transboundary conservation landscapes strengthened to support the implementation of relevant provisions of CITES conference of the parties.

AWF is pleased to invite prospective offerors to submit a response in accordance with the Schedule of Requirements as set out in this RFQ for:

The RFQ consists of the following: (Click to download)

An Invitation Letter & Section I: RFQ Particulars
Section II: Instructions to Bidders
Section III: Schedule of requirements
Section IV: Evaluation Criteria
Section V: Returnable Bidding Forms

If you are interested in submitting a bid in response to this RFQ, please prepare your bid in accordance with the requirements and procedure as set out in this RFQ and submit it to AWF by the deadline for bid submission set out in Section I: RFQ Particulars.

Please refer to Section I: RFQ Particulars for additional information.

We look forward to receiving your bid.

Name: Olivia Mufute
Title: Country Director, Zimbabwe
Date: 29/11/2021