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Annual Reports

African Wildlife Foundation's 2016 Annual Report contains key information about AWF's mission, program design, recent successes and ongoing challenges, organizational achievements, staff, and finances.

Please help us conserve natural resources by downloading the electronic version:

You must have a PDF viewer on your computer to download this document; you can obtain a free copy of this viewer at the Adobe Acrobat website.

To request print copies of the annual report, please e-mail us at africanwildlife@awf.org and be sure to include your mailing address. Reports are only available as supplies last.


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Inside the current issue: Winter 2017

  • Making a Real Difference
  • A New Logo and a Renewed Commitment
  • An Asset Worth Protecting
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Technical Partner Newsletters

Inside the current issue: 2016, Issue 2

  • Protecting Uganda’s biodiversity
  • The challenges of Bili Uele
  • Conservancy best practices
2016, Issue 2 (English) | 2016, Issue 2 (French)

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Books and Papers

The African Widlife Foundation publishes scientific books, papers, and technical handbooks. Whenever possible, AWF makes its publications available to the public.

Recent Publications

Evaluating outcomes of community-based conservation on Kenyan group ranches with remote sensing D. Williams, J.H. Thorne, D. Sumba, P. Muruthi, N. Gregory-Michelman

African Conservancies Volume: Towards Best Practices E. Tambara, S. Chiles, K. Fitzgerald, A. Pole, B. Jones, J. King, T. Lalampaa, I. Craig, M. Harrison, M. Gerrard, Z. Tefera, S. Collins, L. Goredema, L. Doughty, I. Imoke, S.K.K. Kaunda, M. Saunders, H. Sosovele, A.R. Kajuni, S. Mwandha & J. Makombo

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