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Spring 2020 Cover

Inside the current issue: Spring 2020

  • Elephants Help Shape Carbon-Storing Forests
  • In Ethiopia, Fighting to End the Illegal Wildlife Trade
  • A Lodge that has Helped Save Rwanda's Gentle Giants
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The African Widlife Foundation publishes scientific books, papers, and technical handbooks. Whenever possible, AWF makes its publications available to the public.

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Objectifs de Protection Spatiale - Dialogue 30 X 30 - Dans le Cadre Mondial de la Biodiversité Post-2020 ACBA

L’Alliance des OSC africaines pour la biodiversité (ACBA) Rapport de Dialogue - Novembre 24, 2020

Spatial Protection Targets – 30 X 30 Dialogue - in the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework ACBA

African CSO Biodiversity Alliance (ACBA) Dialogue Report — November 24, 2020