West African Giraffe

West African Giraffe Conservation

The West African Giraffe population is dangerously low.

Once ranging widely from Senegal to Cameroon, the West African giraffe today is found in a small area in Niger that is not formally protected. On the brink of extinction in 1996, the West African giraffe has staged a promising rebound; its future survival, however, continues to be far from assured.

Wildlife Waterholes in Parc W

Short rainy season proves disastrous for local fauna. 

In Regional Parc W, 80% of the more than 30 water points are completely dry by March or April. The regular dry season in this region is difficult on wildlife but expected and a part of the natural balance in the ecosystem. In 2011, however, and unseasonably short rainy season threatened wildlife and prompted park authorities to worry that vital water sources would dry up long before the next rainy season began.